3 Ways to Generate Content at Your Next Event

Whether it be a grand opening, annual fundraiser, anniversary celebration, or launch of a new product, your next event can help you generate more than just brand awareness -- it can also generate a lot of content you can re-purpose for months, potentially years down the road. .

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Meet Austin: Richett Media's New Senior Consumer PR Manager

Meet Austin Langlois.png

We’re excited to welcome Austin Langlois to the Richett Media team!

Austin brings with him a diverse background in corporate communications and consumer public relations- not to mention, a lot of energy and mad pie baking skills!

At RM, he’ll be leading consumer PR efforts to elevate brands to the national news stage and land them press in some of the most-sought news outlets in the country.

Want to learn more about Austin and his tips for how to get major press coverage for your brand? Read on!

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Apply for the RM Internship Program

Richett Media is hiring Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and Social Content Creation interns for our fall internship program.

Our internship program provides hands-on, real world agency experience. You’ll become a valuable part of the team, working alongside our experienced public relations and marketing pros, learning from the best. 

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Job Opening: Senior PR Account Manager


We are looking for a PR pro and agency leader to join our growing team.

Our small firm is expanding and we're looking for powerhouse PR and marketing professionals to be a part of the growth!

At RM, we create impactful media campaigns and memorable content, craft irresistible media pitches and constantly challenge the traditional PR model to best serve our clients in a rapidly changing media landscape.

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Join the Richett Media Street Team


Want to work with cool people, promote awesome brands, and make good money while doing it? 

From breweries to festivals, RV brands to major events, we work with some pretty cool companies. We're looking for equally great brand ambassadors to help promote our clients.

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Why All Good PR Plans Need Inbound Marketing 

In recent years, inbound marketing has earned a dominant role in marketing practices. It uses helpful content to attract potential customers to your website, convert those visitors into leads, and turn leads into customers to close sales. Although your public relations efforts and your marketing efforts will take you down two different paths, they are optimized when they work together.

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Why PR Still Matters: The Value of Public Relations

Even with all the changes in technology, the focus on social and digital media, a solid public relations strategy is just as valuable as ever. However, its role is evolving in the world of digital media. It's good to understand how PR plays a role within your digital and ad strategies, and what it can do for your business.

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4 memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Grand Opening or business event

 Ribbon cutting ceremonies are a grand opening tradition. They provide a way to connect with the professional community that surrounds your business in a fun, celebratory setting. We can certainly appreciate a good ribbon cutting here at RM- we organized and executed more than 50 of them in one year!

But as a tradition, ribbon cutting ceremonies are also quite predictable, and therefore not very memorable.

When you host a grand opening or business celebration, one of your key goals is to attract potential customers, share your story, and leave a lasting impression. 

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5 Steps for Pitching the Media and Getting Press Coverage

When your business has news to share, the key to earning media coverage lies in your pitch. In this video, and the article that follows, Emily Richett breaks down 5 essential steps for pitching a story that journalists will actually want to cover.

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4 Things You Don't Want to Overlook for Your Grand Opening

Planning a major event can be time-consuming and tedious (we would know- we've planned close to a hundred of them!), but they also serve as great opportunities. Your opening is a pivotal moment for your business because it will serve as a‘first-impression’to members of your community. With so many pieces to the puzzle, it can become a bit overwhelming, making it easy to miss some key factors.

If you're getting ready to plan your own event, you can grab our free, Ultimate Guide to Grand Openings. 


In the meantime, here are four tips to follow to make sure you don’t miss the mark on a successful business event:

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